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  • Assistant General Counsel ATTORNEY, ASSISTANT CHIEF COUNSEL - Public Utilities Commission

Assistant General Counsel ATTORNEY, ASSISTANT CHIEF COUNSEL - Public Utilities Commission

  • 14 Mar 2024 6:30 PM
    Message # 13329811

    Job Description and Duties

    Individuals interested in applying for this vacancy must have eligibility.  If you are new to state service or need to gain eligibility to this classification, please Click here to open the examination bulletin and follow the instructions on “How to apply”.   

    The examination is a separate process from applying for this vacancy.  Please be sure to follow all instructions for each process.

    Virtual interviews via web portals or phone may be offered as deemed appropriate and feasible by the hiring manager – standard in-person interviews will still be offered if conditions permit. 

    Under the general direction of the General Counsel:

    State Advisory I : The Section handles state advisory matters, agency rehearings, and state court litigation, including state appellate courts (California Supreme Court and California Courts of Appeal). This Section will handle any of the CPUC’s industry areas and challenges pursuant to other provisions of law including but not limited to the Government Code and federal law. Areas of primary responsibility are as follows: applications for rehearing of Commission Decisions (all industry areas and other areas), state appellate court challenges to Commission Decisions (all industry areas and other areas) and state advisory work. On occasion, the Section may lead litigation that originates in Superior Court. Principal Clients are the Commission, the Executive Division, ALJ Division, and all of the advisory industry divisions. Oversee all Legal advocacy work in these areas, including reviewing, verifying, and editing written memoranda and pleadings, leading a team of less senior attorneys and staff in in coordination with the General Counsel and client groups. Meeting the standards established by the General Counsel on work product quality, productivity and timeliness, collegiality, and fulfillment of the duties and principles of a public administration, personnel management, and supervision. Other duties as necessary or directed in support of Legal Division and the Commission, including its administrative and operational needs.

    CLICK HERE to share with the California Public Utilities Commission how you first learned about this position, this will assist us in our recruitment efforts.

    You will find additional information about the job in the Duty Statement.

    Working Conditions

    This is a statewide recruitment. This position can be filled in the following locations: San Francisco, Sacramento, or Los Angeles.

    This position requires travel.

    Positions at the CPUC may be eligible for telework under Government Code 14200 for eligible applicants residing in California, and subject to meeting the telework eligibility criteria. Telework Policy CalHR

    Minimum Requirements

    You will find the Minimum Requirements in the Class Specification.  

    Additional Documents

    Position Details

    Job Code #:



    Position #(s):



    Working Title:


    Assistant General Counsel




    $14,090.00 - $16,483.00


    # of Positions:



    Work Location:


    United States




    Job Type:


    Permanent, Full Time


    Department Information

    Legal Division/ Legal/ State Advisory I:

    Department Website:

    Special Requirements

    • The position(s) require(s) a valid California Drivers License (CDL). You must answer the questions addressing your CDL on your application. Ensure you provide your CDL number, class, expiration date, and any endorsements and/or restrictions.
    • The position(s) require(s) a(n) Active membership in The California State Bar License. You will be required to provide a copy of your license prior to being hired.

    Prepare and submit a response for each question below. The SOQ should provide specific details and examples that clearly demonstrate how your training, experience, and education qualifies you for the position. Refer to the job description and duties, and duty statement to prepare your response. Applicants who do not submit a completed SOQ and writing that exceeds the page limit will not be considered or scored. All information in the SOQ is subject to verification. The SOQ must be no smaller than 11-point Arial font, single-spaced, and no more than two pages.

    Please write your SOQ to address the following four questions:

    1. Describe, with specificity, your experience before the California Court of Appeal and/or the California Supreme Court and identify the time frame of your experience. 
    2. Describe, with specificity, your experience analyzing complex and technical issues and recommending options, strategies, and outcomes, under tight deadlines; identify the time frame in which your example(s) occurred.
    3. Describe, with specificity, your experience interpreting and implementing newly enacted legislation, including, if applicable, your facility with reconciling newly enacted legislation that is in tension with other laws.
    4. Describe, with specificity, your experience effectively representing your client’s position before regulatory agencies, state and federal courts, or other governmental bodies, where you disagreed with your client’s position.

    It is strongly encouraged to apply through your CalCareer Account at

    Electronic applications submitted through your CalCareer Account are highly recommended and will be received/processed faster than other methods of filing.

    If you are using education to meet the minimum qualifications for this position, you must submit a copy of your transcript or diploma.  An official transcript will be required prior to appointment. 

    Applicants who completed their education outside the United States (with foreign degrees/transcripts) must obtain and submit verification of United States course/degree equivalency by the application deadline.
    Foreign education credential evaluation services can be found at

    Employment information on the STD 678 state application MUST be complete with dates, duties and responsibilities, and contact names and phone numbers of supervisors.  Resumes, or referring to resumes, will not be accepted in place of the completed STD 678.  Applicants who fail to submit a completed STD 678 will not be considered. 

    Only the most qualified candidates will be invited to an interview.

    Per CCR 249.3, this job control may be used to fill subsequent vacancies.

    Application Instructions

    Completed applications and all required documents must be received or postmarked by the Final Filing Date in order to be considered. Dates printed on Mobile Bar Codes, such as the Quick Response (QR) Codes available at the USPS, are not considered Postmark dates for the purpose of determining timely filing of an application.

    Final Filing Date: 4/7/2024

    Who May Apply

    Individuals who are currently in the classification, eligible for lateral transfer, eligible for reinstatement, have list eligibility, are in the process of obtaining list eligibility, or have SROA and/or Surplus eligibility (please attach your letter, if available). SROA and Surplus candidates are given priority; therefore, individuals with other eligibility may be considered in the event no SROA or Surplus candidates apply.

    Applications will be screened and only the most qualified applicants will be selected to move forward in the selection process. Applicants must meet the Minimum Qualifications stated in the Classification Specification(s).

    How To Apply

    Complete Application Packages (including your Examination/Employment Application (STD 678) and applicable or required documents) must be submitted to apply for this Job Posting. Application Packages may be submitted electronically through your CalCareer Account at When submitting your application in hard copy, a completed copy of the Application Package listing must be included. If you choose to not apply electronically, a hard copy application package may be submitted through an alternative method listed below:

    Address for Mailing Application Packages

    You may submit your application and any applicable or required documents to:


    Public Utilities Commission

    Attn: Human Resources Division

    505 Van Ness Ave, Room 3008

    San Francisco, CA 94102

    Address for Drop-Off Application Packages

    You may drop off your application and any applicable or required documents at:


    Public Utilities Commission

    Human Resources Division

    505 Van Ness Ave, Room 3008

    San Francisco, CA 94102

    Monday to Friday Except Holidays.

    08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

    Required Application Package Documents

    The following items are required to be submitted with your application. Applicants who do not submit the required items timely may not be considered for this job:

    • Current version of the State Examination/Employment Application STD Form 678 (when not applying electronically), or the Electronic State Employment Application through your Applicant Account at All Experience and Education relating to the Minimum Qualifications listed on the Classification Specification should be included to demonstrate how you meet the Minimum Qualifications for the position.
    • Resume is required and must be included.
    • Statement of Qualifications - A Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) is required. Please see “Special Requirements” for instructions.
    Applicants requiring reasonable accommodations for the hiring interview process must request the necessary accommodations if scheduled for a hiring interview. The request should be made at the time of contact to schedule the interview. Questions regarding reasonable accommodations may be directed to the EEO contact listed on this job posting.

    Desirable Qualifications

    In addition to evaluating each candidate's relative ability, as demonstrated by quality and breadth of experience, the following factors will provide the basis for competitively evaluating each candidate:

    • Familiarity with California appellate substantive law and procedures such as the California Rules of Court.
    • Familiarity with the Public Utilities Code and related statutes and regulations.
    • Familiarity with the Government Code statutes and related authority governing Open Meeting Laws and construing and applying policies and regulations governing governmental decisionmaking.
    • Familiarity with the roles of agencies overseeing regulated industries.
    • Familiarity with energy, telecommunications, water, environmental, rail or transportation law, regulatory compliance, and civil or criminal law enforcement.
    • Strong civil or administrative litigation experience at any or all stages of litigation.
    • Strong analytical and legal research skill and methods and strong oral and written communication skills.
    • Strong facilitation, consensus-building, jurisprudential, and client relations skills.
    • Experience as a supervisor in the private sector or state, federal, or local government, ideally supervising represented employees.
    • Experience reviewing, analyzing and drafting proposed legislation.
    • Ability to balance voluminous assignments and manage a highly complex caseloads at once with minimal supervision, all to the highest level of professional standards, under tight deadlines, and to achieve the same from subordinates.
    • Ability to manage numerous direct reports with a wide range of skill levels and responsibilities.
    • Ability to motivate and focus staff and build a cooperative, information-sharing working environment.
    • Experience with accounting, finance, utility ratemaking, tax matters, corporate and financial restructuring and/or bankruptcy.
    • Demonstrated track record of participation in an organization’s recruitment, retention, and diversity efforts and strategies.

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